Bootcamps / Group training

Bootcamps – the ultimate workout program

Bootcamps are a fantastic way for you to train in a group. You can train with friends or co-workers, or in a group which I put together. It’s a great way to lose weight and improve your fitness level, to push yourself harder.

Like any group activity, the bonds formed within the group will help to motivate you – and the combination of exercises will boost results much quicker than typical exercise and workout classes.


 Semi-private training

Boot camps London

Train with a friend or work colleague and split the cost of training.

Or i can fix you up with a training partner.

60 min sessions only £30 per person.

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Indoor & outdoor group training locations

Boot camps London

I can train you anywhere in London, in groups of 5-15 people.

60 min sessions only £10 per person.

Minimum group size is 5.

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Bootcamps at the gym in Shoreditch

Join our popular indoor and outdoor group training sessions at our personal training studio in Shoreditch, City of London

  • Primrose Hill
  • Blackheath
  • Dulwich Park
  • At our personal training studio  in Shoreditch, City of London
  • Mon-Fri  Morning slots    9-10am / 10-11am
  • Mon-Fri  Afternoon slots 1-2pm / 2-3pm / 3-4pm / 4-5pm  

*Results may vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed. Reviews and comments expressed are not necessarily representative of all clients results. Each client is unique.