Best Personal Trainers London

Best personal trainers London.

Best personal trainers London

How to take a personal training client from fat to thin, skinny to muscular in a short time whether they are male or female, that’s the key to being one of the best personal trainers in London, the UK and the world.

Working with a clients individual  genetics and understanding there problems with bio-mechanics or muscular imbalances. For example the vast majority of male personal training clients are looking to build muscle fast and lose fat. How this is approached differs from client to client. A rep, set and weight range that works for one person might not work for the next.

Is he Ecto / Endo or Mesomorph?

Is she apple / pear / straight up and down or curvy?

Different shapes are going to require different strategies of training to even out the body,  strip weight and build muscle. Is the personal training client gifted at exercise? Or are they going to take a few weeks of neuro-muscular (mind/muscle) connection training to get the full benefits of training.

Best personal trainers London

Example: If your male/female client cant produce a full squat without falling forward, knees caving in, heels raising and lowering only a few inches. Then guess what? There’s issues that have to be addressed before shes going to achieve the best result possible.

If your a client and your personal trainer is just throwing you on the leg press every session, ask yourself this. Why am i not squatting, deadlifting and lunging first?

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