Find A Personal Trainer London

Find A Personal Trainer London.


find a personal trainer London


No question, personal training is an investment in both time and money. So why spend your hard earned cash on a personal trainer? Here are 5 great reasons!

Motivation – find a personal trainer London.

Exercising can be hard. It’s so easy to find excuses not to do it – too busy, too tired, it’s raining, too boring … there always seem to be more reasons NOT to exercise than to exercise!

The best thing about using a personal trainer is that he or she will dramatically increase your motivation. By helping you to set achievable and appropriate goals, you will start seeing results immediately. Having something to work towards, and someone monitoring your progress, will make exercising seem a hundred times more worthwhile and fun.


An experienced personal trainer can bring a whole lot of specialised expertise to your training programme. Recovering from injury or illness, training for a specific event, getting your body back after having a baby, fat loss, specialised diets, strength training, body building, the list goes on. Good personal trainers have specialist knowledge which will help with your specific needs.

Personal trainers also have training which will ensure that you train safely and within your personal limits (also see my next point). But check out their qualifications – don’t employ someone without a reputable personal training qualification (check out my qualifications and experience here)

Effectiveness – find a personal trainer London.

If you have a busy lifestyle (and who doesn’t!) then you want to maximise the effectiveness of your training. How can you ensure that your workouts have the maximum possible benefit in the minimum possible time? And furthermore how can you be sure that your training is actually doing you good (not harm)?

A personal trainer will choose the exercises which will bring you the most benefit, and – very important – will ensure that you’re doing them correctly. Bad exercising can not only be ineffective but can lead to injury.

Read these case studies to find out what a difference personal training can make – Raj, Annie

Put an end to exercise boredom

We’ve all been there – the same old workout in the same old gym, week after week, it’s a motivation killer! Effective personal training will bring variety and interest to your workouts, and will help you find ways to make your workouts fun.

Furthermore you can vary the location of your training to bring variety and interest – I see clients all over London, in parks and open spaces, or at our City of London personal training studio.

Training in groups or bootcamps is another great way of making exercising fun.

Monitoring your progress and seeing results – find a personal trainer London.

A personal trainer will monitor your progress week on week, and you’ll get a huge kick out of seeing the improvement that your training is bringing to your fitness levels.

The improvement you’ll see using a personal trainer will last long after the sessions have finished, because we will help you to set up long-term exercise programs for long-lasting results. Check out my testimonials and reviews to see what my clients have to say.

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