How To Choose A London Personal Trainer

How To Choose A London Personal Trainer


Let’s assume you have decided that you need a trainer (Not convinced yet? See 5 good reasons to get a personal trainer) – you still have the baffling problem of how to choose between the many trainers in your area.

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to shell out some of your hard-earned cash (although you can get some great deals if you’re willing to pay up-front for 6 or 12 sessions), so you need to treat it as an investment, and be sure you’re going to get value for money.  Here are some things to consider.

5 essential attributes of a great personal trainer

1. Personal rapport

Absolutely essential! Look for someone who you can talk to, someone you feel you can trust and can open up to. It’s vital to get on with your trainer as s/he will be seeing you at your best and at your worst! Do you feel relaxed with him/her? Does s/he inspire you?

The crucial word here is personal – the same trainer will not be right for everyone.

The best way to establish rapport this is to meet the trainer, but you can often get a first impression via the trainer’s website. The style of the text and images will give you an idea of the style of the trainer. If you’re not a celebrity/super-wealthy, avoid glitzy websites dripping with celeb testimonials – celeb trainers don’t necessarily train better, but they do generally cost a lot more!

2. Good listener

What constitutes personal rapport is not the same for everyone, but one attribute every trainer MUST have is the ability to listen to and understand your needs. Training starts with setting goals, and goals are based on your specific needs. If the trainer hasn’t listened to what you want, the goals will be inappropriate – too easy, too hard or simply inappropriate!

The first meeting with a trainer, or the first phone call, will give you an indication of whether s/he is willing to give you the time to listen to your specific needs.

How to choose a London personal trainer.

3. Good physical shape

Well, duh! you might say. But you’d be surprised, not all trainers practice what they preach. Physical appearance is crucial, because you want this person to inspire you. If you don’t aspire to look as good as him/her, you won’t be so motivated.

Look for someone who’s in good physical shape without being over-trained (unless you want to look like Popeye that is!) and don’t be afraid to ask questions about his/her lifestyle and diet.

And check out the fitness level of the trainer’s clients – look for convincing before and after pictures on their website (not library pics of airbrushed models!). See my testimonials page and video testimonials.

4. Qualifications and experience.

Goes without saying, your trainer should be qualified. There are many different certification programs and qualifications out there, and no single ‘right’ one.  But if your trainer has achieved a high level qualification such as the PICP this indicates real commitment, which in itself demonstrates your trainer’s worth.

Qualifications are only half the story – the best trainers are those with plenty of experience relevant to your needs. If you have a specific health problem, e.g. a back injury or diabetes, or specific needs, such as post-natal training, your trainer needs to have relevant experience of similar scenarios.

How to choose a London personal trainer.

5. Location, location, location

Ideally the trainer should be able to come to your area – or should provide a location to train which is convenient for your home or workplace. Don’t make it hard for yourself – if you have to trek half way across London to get to your session, you may quickly find yourself losing motivation.

Making use of local parks and open spaces is a great way to train – I use Primrose Hill, Dulwich Park, Blackheath and Regents park to train my clients – check out my location page.

How to find a trainer

Personal recommendations are the best way to find a trainer, although do remember the same trainer will not be right for everyone – don’t get carried away by the gushing reports of your friend, you need to make your own mind up.

If you don’t know anyone who has a trainer, check out local gyms, forums such as East Dulwich Forum, and personal trainer websites to get recommendations (trainers should have testimonials on their websites). Review sites such as Qype are great because they include both good and bad reviews of trainers in your area – so you get a full picture. Or use Google maps to pinpoint trainers near you.

How to choose a London personal trainer.


Trystan Nicholls, PICP levels 1 and 2, and ten years experience knocking people into shape! Check out the rest of my website: about me, testimonials and prices


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