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Personal trainer Moorgate.

Meet Raj

Age: 27

From: Uxbridge (via Australia)

Profession: IT Consultant

Training goals: Gain as much muscle and lose as much fat as possible in the shortest possible time

Results: Amazing! 4.6% fat loss and 3kgs of muscle gained in the first 5 weeks!

Personal trainer Moorgate had this to say; Before Raj started training with me, he used to train at the gym, but the results had been disappointing. His cousin recommended me, so he got in touch and started training with me in February 2012.

The goal we agreed at his first session was for Raj to lose as much fat and gain as much muscle as possible in the shortest time – really to push the boundaries and see what was possible. A challenge for Raj – and for me as a trainer.

Personal trainer Moorgate – We embarked on my intensive muscle gain programme (buy a copy of this workout plan here) – splitting muscle groups into upper and lower body parts – and a hard low carb diet. We trained at my personal training studio in Shoreditch, and Raj put in the hours at home too.

The results were astonishing – Raj completed a 12-week programme, but the picture above shows the transformation after just 5 weeks, exceeding all expectations. Fantastic Raj – well done!

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