Personal Trainer Clapham

Personal Trainer Clapham

Personal Trainer Clapham Train in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or in one of Clapham’s parks and green spaces, with one of London’s top personal trainers. I have a proven track record in personal training, specialising in fat lossmixed martial arts training (MMA training) and health and fitness for women.  As an independent personal trainer I offer great value for money compared with gym-based trainers, and can come to where you live – saving you time and money. I can transform you – but don’t take my word for it – read testimonials by clients past and present.





personal trainer clapham         personal trainer clapham

Personal trainer Clapham.

Many people give up on training because they are not seeing results. Sound familiar? Working out with a personal trainer help you to lose fat you’ve been trying to shift for years, by designing a diet and training programme to suit your needs. Personal trainers are fitness professionals who motivate clients by setting goals.

I use fitness assessments to measure clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor improvements in physical fitness. I design training to improve strength and achieve higher workout intensities and higher perceived exertion.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, get back onto your feet after an illness, improve in your sport or just increase your fitness levels – I can make it happen.

Personal trainer Clapham.

Fat/ weight loss  –  Muscle gain/ muscle tone  –  Sport-specific strength and conditioning Bootcamps  – Kettlebell training  –  Caveman training  –  Tyre & hammer training MMA strength training & fitness drills  – Muay Thai training & fitness drills

I train clients all over Londonat our gym in Shoreditch, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I can train you one to one, or in groups.

I can transform you!  I don’t have a magic wand but I do have ten years experience in whipping people into shape.

Popular training locations around Clapham and South West London include:-

  • Clapham Common SW4
  • Wandsworth Common SW12
  • Streatham Common SW16
  • Battersea Park SW11
  • Wimbledon Common SW19

Or come to our personal training studio in Shoreditch, City of London. Still not sure? Give me a call on 07803 006745 for a no obligation chat about your training needs. Or use the contact form below to get in touch. Personal trainer Clapham.

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For men who train regularly, the constant pursuit of free testosterone never ends. Low oestrogen is also of great benefit to women.

The testosterone boosting supplement market is worth £millions. But you have to get rid of the oestrogen first.

I did Charles Poliquin’s bio-signature course which I highly recommend;  he warns that an increase in fat levels around the pecs, triceps and hamstrings are sure signs that your body is not getting rid of bad oestrogens.

Some information on the external oestrogens our bodies are absorbing:

Too many xenoestrogens are in our foods: BGH in milk, dairy & meat and BPA in plastics. These have made women aggressive and men weak.

Chemical pollutants in our water and food may be the culprits, their effects on men and women are alarming and under investigation include infertility in both sexes, poor sexual development and testicular cancer in men, and endometriosis and breast cancer in women.

Hundreds of chemicals–found in pesticides, fuels, drugs and polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and food containers–either cause hormonal activity similar to oestrogen. Evidence is accumulating that, even at very low concentrations and exposures, xenoestrogens can cause “hormone havoc” in women.

Compounds in brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts) called indole-3 carbinols stimulate the production of the good oestrogens for cancer protection. Order my diet plan for a diet which will promote a good hormone balance.

Combating Xenoestrogens

  • Avoid plastic packaging. Food can absorb chemicals from plastic containers. Use glass containers whenever possible.
  • DIM: Increase  intake of indole-3 carbinols – broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts and other green leafy vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water to support the elimination of toxins through the kidneys. Reduce dehydration.
  • Avoid constipation by increasing water and fibre intake.
  • Take green tea 2-4 tea bags a day to strip out toxins from the body and keep you regular

Some information on testosterone:

Symptoms of low testosterone include irritability, weight gain in the wrong places, loss of muscle tone, inadequate erections and poor sexual performance. An additional list of symptoms of low testosterone includes:

Erectile dysfunction (problems with erections) loss of libido (low sex drive) Mood disturbances, including depression, irritability and feeling tired Loss of muscle size and strength and increased body fat.

Increasing testosterone:

  • Use heavy compound exercises your main lifts at the beginning of your training. Using lots of large muscle groups … dead-lifts, squats, pull-ups and incline bench press etc.  Contact me for more training id
  • Take supplements Vit D3, fish oils for fat metabolism, amino acids to prevent muscle break down, Zinc and magnesium aspartate at bedtime
  • Get plenty of sleep, don’t be afraid to nap. Take rest days from training regularly.
  • Reduce stress as much as possible
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol and refined carbs. An increase in insulin is the same as being castrated!

For more information about training, diet and hormones get in touch or buy one of my diet sheets or workout plans.

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