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Personal trainer Farrigdon.

As an individual personal trainer based in Farringdon, I aim to inspire and transform people to get started with a brand-new fitness program. My affordable, yet effective personal training sessions will improve functional fitness and physical performance, while alleviating the hassle of travelling, saving you both time and money on gym membership costs. Training will be dynamic, but purposeful, and my aim is to encourage and boost energy levels as a result of carrying out a regular and consistent exercise regime.


personal trainer farringdon
Personal trainer Farrigdon.

Preparation before a session is essential to ensure that the training runs as smoothly as possible. Focusing on specific components of fitness is one of my main techniques that I like to follow throughout training sessions and with previous clients that I have worked with, this has had an optimistic effect on progress and development throughout the course of sessions.

Accomplishing your fitness goals today

Before beginning fitness sessions, it is important to evaluate and consider the SMART principles of training. This principle will be listed below and even if you are outside the gym, think SMART!

Specific: Goals should be specific, outlining exactly what they mean to ensure the client has a clear idea of how these goals can be met. So, if your goal is to ‘improve your diet’ even though this is good, it is not specific because it offers no guidance. A better, more specific goal may be to ‘reduce your consumption of sugary/fizzy drinks’ or ‘eat 2 more pieces of fruit a day’.

Measurable: By setting goals that are measurable, clients will be able to determine whether the work and effort they are inputting into improving their health is working. Additionally, if you put a timescale on a goal, this allows progress to be measured over regular intervals.

Achievable and Realistic: If you set a goal which is obscenely unreachable and out of your comfort zone, there is no doubt that clients are going to feel disappointed when they struggle to make any progress. Adapting each session to suit their abilities is essential for a high success rate.

Timely: Setting goals with a timescale is important. Working under pressure can be beneficial and having deadlines allows clients to plan out how they wish to achieve their goal within a particular period of time.

Why enlist the help of a Personal Trainer in Farringdon?

Are you a beginner looking to increase your knowledge about training? Or maybe, you used to be an avid gym goer, but you’ve lost motivation and have stopped seeing results? Either option is an acceptable reason to get in touch with me today. We will work together to evaluate your current routine, making recommendations for progression and design a full program which can be targeted week by week.

In the world of personal training, a major part of my job is to support people to create healthier habits which can be easily incorporated into everyday life. You may have embarked on a journey to get fit at the start of the year, but your motivation slowly began to go downhill as the months gradually went by and for that reason, recruiting the help of a fitness instructor in Farringdon may be the kickstart needed as they can have monumental effects on all aspects of life.

Personal Trainer farringdon. Personal Trainer Farringdon.


Pros of Bootcamps

What are my Farringdon Training Sessions like?

Each of my training sessions are energetic, highly active and unique to you. By using the correct techniques, clients will understand their body and its capabilities on a deeper and more informative level. My training style is focused and progressive and even though you’ll be attending my training sessions every week, I like to make sure that my clients have the ability to stay motivated and active during the week, when they aren’t training with me.

Designing a training session is hard work, however with the knowledge, passion and enthusiasm I obtain, I enjoy creating and producing tailor-made training sessions that can be extremely rewarding if the execution is performed appropriately. For people who would feel more comfortable training with a partner or a group, I offer a series of Farringdon personal training sessions which you can join with your friends and colleagues.

Big T
Big T

Interested in our Farringdon Fitness Sessions?

Here at Big T Fitness, I have a variety of different fitness packages to choose from and there is a plan to suit every budget – so whatever the situation, I can provide you with a high-quality and first-class service which will change your entire outlook on life. If you live in the Farringdon area and are looking for a personal trainer who can help you reach your goals, I’m the guy for you.

Give me a call on 07803 306745 to discuss your unique and exclusive training needs. As an independent personal trainer in the town of Farringdon, my sessions are the ideal option for you.

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I’m always flexible to help anyone of any ability achieve the result they want

Big T Success Stories

  • Men's Health Personal Trainer

    Heath L, in Qype London

    "Trystan is a true Pro. If you want get in shape he is the right guy! He trains me at Kick boxing and does body toning for my Girlfriend, he has great understanding of how hard to push and encourage his clients. If your looking for someone great to help you reach your goals speak to Trystan you won’t be disappointed”

  • Men's Health Personal Trainer

    Frances L

    ”…I was feeling bad about my body shape for my wedding , Trystan gave me a really good kick up the ass and made me feel good about myself and my body . I got married 2 years ago and im still in shape…”