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Meet Annie she trained with Personal trainer Liverpool street.

Age: 24

Lives: South London

Profession: Marketing

Likes: Hill walking

Training goals: Lose weight, improve fitness level and feel better.

Results: 3% body fat reduction and 8kg weight loss. Didn’t believe she could lose so much weight!



Before she started training with me,  Annie had never used a personal trainer or even joined a gym, in fact her last experience of fitness training was school PE … yes, we had some work to do!

Having found me on Google using the searvh term personal trainer Liverpool street – she was looking to lose some weight, improve her fitness level and simply to feel better. At her first session in January 2012, we agreed some goals:

  • Achieve as much as possible in 12 weeks
  • Work around her busy schedule and time commitments

The training programme I chose was my 12 week fat loss programme, intense weight and circuit training, combined with sprint training and my diet (buy a copy of my diet plan here). We trained one to one at the gym. I changed the programme every 4 weeks or so, as her body adapted to the programme. Some routines changed weekly.

The first few weeks were tough, but the body adapts quickly – she noticed a difference within 2 weeks – fantastic. By the end of the training she had exceeded her original goals, she didn’t believe she could lose so much weight! A loss of 3% body fat over the 12 weeks is a great result.

It was great training with Annie, but I have to say one thing – she is the most uncoordinated person I’ve trained with – she could bounce a ball and miss the floor!!

Well done Annie, keep it up.

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