Personal Trainer Moorgate

Personal trainer Moorgate.

Personal trainer Moorgate; If you’ve been looking for a personal trainer in Moorgate for a while now, look no further. Many people struggle to find a personal trainer who is able to work around their crazy schedules – well I am the perfect trainer for you! I have extensive experience within the fitness industry, specialising in personal training.

After attending regular personal training sessions with me, you will begin to see amazing results. By combining regular exercise with a healthy-diet, this will open you up to a new lease of life. Once you begin to fall into a regular routine, it will no longer feel like a chore and will feel more like a positive lifestyle change.

Setting achievable Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are important to ensure success and results – if you have specific, measurable and relevant goals that you can put a time frame on, this will help with motivation, enthusiasm and drive. Client’s love to see how much progress they have made over time and to visually see the improvements that have been made. With consent, I will take pictures after a series of 10 sessions or so, so you can witness the advances that have been made.

Every training session will be related to a specific fitness goal and I will put a plan together for each client, so they have a good idea of what each session will entail. For people with very little experience in exercise and all things fitness, setting goals is essential as they need to know how much progress they have made and what they need to improve on from week to week.

With goal setting, I also like to look at the different components of fitness – these are: Agility, Flexibility, Strength, Reaction Time, Endurance, Balance, Body Composition, Power, Speed and Coordination. Even though you may not think it, everybody uses these components in their everyday life – especially balance, strength and flexibility. We can link these components of fitness to goal setting because I could tailor the training program to target one particular component each week.

How long will it be until you see results?

Bodies are so diverse and different, so the time it takes to see improvements can vary from person to person – no one can expect to see drastic changes after only one training session. Each and every client I work with has different needs, whether that be training suitability, nutrition or injury prevention and before designing a training program I will work to understand what they are looking for and how their body works.

Personally, my main aim is for my clients is to feel better and more confident in themselves – both physically and mentally. Even though I will be the one training you, you need to make sure that your head is in the right place and you are committed to improving your overall wellbeing. Results aren’t guaranteed, but by following and sticking to the personal training sessions with me, there is no doubt that you will begin to notice rapid improvements in no time at all.

Training Session Options

My training sessions are designed to be progressive and challenging – with the bespoke training programs that I create, you have the decision to choose different training options which you think will suit your body the best. If you’re a fan of nature, you may want to carry out your training sessions in the park, allowing you to get a burst of fresh air while working out! Or if you would prefer to be in the comfort of the warm indoors, we have a personal training studio located in Shoreditch which is just an 8-minute cycle ride from Moorgate tube station and I am also able to travel to your home.

As an independent trainer, you may prefer to train with a partner – if you have a colleague or friend who is also looking to get fit, there is no better opportunity. By training in groups, this will aid motivation, commitment and enthusiasm and you could even transform the sessions into your own little healthy competition against your friend, partner, sibling or colleague – driving you to progress even further each week.

Interested in our Personal Training in Moorgate?

Fitness is an ever- growing industry – people are becoming qualified in personal training each day, however trying to find the best trainer for you can sometimes prove difficult. Experience is key, and with over 10 years of widespread knowledge, my main focus is to get results that will leave you feeling happier, more confident and allow you to fall in love with exercise!

For more information on how you can find yourself a personal trainer in Moorgate, start your fitness journey, give me a call or enquire on the Big T Fitness website today – please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I am here to help you!


Personal Trainer Moorgate Personal Trainer Moorgate





Pros of Bootcamps

Whether your goal is to lose fat, get back onto your feet after an illness, improve in your sport or just increase your fitness levels – I can make it happen.

Fat/ weight loss – Muscle gain/ muscle tone – Sport-specific strength and conditioning
Bootcamps – Kettlebell training – Caveman training – Tyre & hammer training
MMA strength training & fitness drills – Muay Thai training & fitness drills

I train clients all over London, at our gym in Shoreditch, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I can train you one to one, or in groups. I can transform you! I don’t have a magic wand but I do have ten years experience in whipping people into shape. London personal trainer.

Personal trainer Moorgate.

I am very close to Moorgate, Liverpool street and Old street. All wrapped up in the district of the City Of London. Transform yourself in just 12 weeks. 100% satisfaction feedback from clients. See results with a trainer. No Gym Fee’s, No Contracts, training at boutique personal training studio in Shoreditch.

Big T
Big T

I only take on a few clients to transform over a 3 month period. You can train with a friend or colleague to reduce the cost, or i can partner you up with someone.

Get your place booked for just £30.00 an hour.

I can help you with all aspects of personal fitness training wherever you are in London. Whatever your needs or your personal training history, I can help you achieve your goals.

Call and book your session now!

12 Week pack including :
Caliper body fat testing
Before and after pics
All training sessions tailored to you at my central London studio
Diet and meal plan
Gym and progress diary
Regular retesting for best results

Got a question?

I’m always flexible to help anyone of any ability achieve the result they want

“….After Booking That First Session with Bigt personal trainer I Have Never Looked Back. I Look And Feel Great, i work 5 mins away in Moorgate and getting too and from the studio was really easy….” Sam.N

*Credit card bookings available*

Personal trainer Moorgate.
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Big T Success Stories

  • Men's Health Personal Trainer

    Heath L, in Qype London

    "Trystan is a true Pro. If you want get in shape he is the right guy! He trains me at Kick boxing and does body toning for my Girlfriend, he has great understanding of how hard to push and encourage his clients. If your looking for someone great to help you reach your goals speak to Trystan you won’t be disappointed”

  • Men's Health Personal Trainer

    Frances L

    ”…I was feeling bad about my body shape for my wedding , Trystan gave me a really good kick up the ass and made me feel good about myself and my body . I got married 2 years ago and im still in shape…”