Recommended Personal Trainer London.

Would i pay for myself if i was looking for a trainer? Well yes i would and i look at every single session i do exactly the same way “would i pay for this right here, right now?”

Recommended Personal Trainers London


Recommended personal trainer London.

Is there value in what i do?

You bet there is, i myself believe in the coaching of fitness that i have a trainer myself for MMA and Muay Thai.
There are now several thousand personal trainers in London and the list is growing daily. No thanks to the conveyor belt of personal trainer courses that churn out fresh from high school fitness instructors and personal trainers. Its making people at the top of these independent education and training courses very wealthy indeed and it is diluting heavily my particular end of my industry – well educated, experienced and can guarantee results.  The sad part is, these courses can be done in as little as 4 weeks. That’s right 4 weeks! and bang you have yourself another batch of personal trainers ready for the meat grinder.
We live in a world where people no longer want to do the time, learn the trade and climb the ladder. I want it and i want it now …… truth is when your dealing with someone elses body and applying exercise and diet advice experience counts. Simple as that.
What works exercise and diet wise for someone reading this wont or might not work for another!
Recommended personal trainer London.
Problem is a course will tell you add 1 + 2 and you’ll get 3, truth is with the human body you might get 5, 8, or 11.
If results do differ and they will everyone is different. Then the trainer has to ask themselves:
What are the differing issues?
How do i solve the problem?
Long term education and experience can answer these, a 4 week personal trainer course cant, a trainer with a flashy website cant, a trainer who hasn’t continued to educate themselves cant. a trainer who calls themselves by names like “celebrity trainer” “ex-pro athlete” approach with suspicion.
Recommended personal trainer London.

How do i have the edge?

Simple i don’t sit back and think i have made it, i’m done, I’ve read all i’m ever going to need. Bring me the clients, bring them to me.
What i knew 12 years ago when i started out was different to 10 years ago and its very different to today. I don’t know everything how can you. But i have continued to ask questions, continue to read and self educate myself. Education wise many trainers wont like it but a strength and conditioning degree or Charles Poliquin Level 1 and 2 and Bio-signature is a must from a high quality / caliber trainer. In the next few years these will become the gold standard so to speak and will make what separates me from the 4 week course and Fitness First type / collection of trainers.
More and more the public are becoming switched on to what there potential trainers background is and this a good thing.  I cant stand blaggers and falseness – if you don’t have it, train for it or read about it.
Recommended personal trainer London.

How can i get you the body you want?

Take a look at my picture gallery. You cant fake real people and real results. I take pictures of every single client before and after and everyone is retested every 6-8 weeks. Sure the best results end up on the gallery page but no one leaves without achieving something. My name and reputation is linked to your result.
Truth is if i was in your shoes and i was looking for a trainer this how i would break down my search. A good place to start and the choice of many now is a google search. Then take a look at reviews, testimonials and before and after pictures, of and from the trainer.
This isn’t a witch hunt article, but you should be easily able and proud to recommend your trainer to a friend or colleague.
More information on training, fitness and diet contact me through the contact page.
Recommended personal trainer London.


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Personal trainer Moorgate.

Meet Raj

Age: 27

From: Uxbridge (via Australia)

Profession: IT Consultant

Training goals: Gain as much muscle and lose as much fat as possible in the shortest possible time

Results: Amazing! 4.6% fat loss and 3kgs of muscle gained in the first 5 weeks!

Personal trainer Moorgate had this to say; Before Raj started training with me, he used to train at the gym, but the results had been disappointing. His cousin recommended me, so he got in touch and started training with me in February 2012.

The goal we agreed at his first session was for Raj to lose as much fat and gain as much muscle as possible in the shortest time – really to push the boundaries and see what was possible. A challenge for Raj – and for me as a trainer.

Personal trainer Moorgate – We embarked on my intensive muscle gain programme (buy a copy of this workout plan here) – splitting muscle groups into upper and lower body parts – and a hard low carb diet. We trained at my personal training studio in Shoreditch, and Raj put in the hours at home too.

The results were astonishing – Raj completed a 12-week programme, but the picture above shows the transformation after just 5 weeks, exceeding all expectations. Fantastic Raj – well done!

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 personal trainer City of london

Meet Annie she trained with Personal trainer Liverpool street.

Age: 24

Lives: South London

Profession: Marketing

Likes: Hill walking

Training goals: Lose weight, improve fitness level and feel better.

Results: 3% body fat reduction and 8kg weight loss. Didn’t believe she could lose so much weight!



Before she started training with me,  Annie had never used a personal trainer or even joined a gym, in fact her last experience of fitness training was school PE … yes, we had some work to do!

Having found me on Google using the searvh term personal trainer Liverpool street – she was looking to lose some weight, improve her fitness level and simply to feel better. At her first session in January 2012, we agreed some goals:

  • Achieve as much as possible in 12 weeks
  • Work around her busy schedule and time commitments

The training programme I chose was my 12 week fat loss programme, intense weight and circuit training, combined with sprint training and my diet (buy a copy of my diet plan here). We trained one to one at the gym. I changed the programme every 4 weeks or so, as her body adapted to the programme. Some routines changed weekly.

The first few weeks were tough, but the body adapts quickly – she noticed a difference within 2 weeks – fantastic. By the end of the training she had exceeded her original goals, she didn’t believe she could lose so much weight! A loss of 3% body fat over the 12 weeks is a great result.

It was great training with Annie, but I have to say one thing – she is the most uncoordinated person I’ve trained with – she could bounce a ball and miss the floor!!

Well done Annie, keep it up.

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