Top 10 Personal Trainers In The World

Top 10 Personal Trainers In The World.

Looking like you represent your industry. This doesn’t just stand for the fitness industry and personal training. Take a look at that chubby police officer or over weight security guard / bouncer. They look like the only thing they could catch is a cold. Analyisis from a top 10 personal trainer in the world.

Is it about the way you look as a trainer or officer of the law? Well a lot of trainers disagree with this; as i’m sure police and fire service men and women would. But me personally, i believe you have to look the part. There are to many trainers getting away with looking like a sack of potatoes wrapped up in clingfilm for my liking and its bad for the fitness industry and it seems to be happening across other industries – certain emergency services look like they could do with a tougher fitness level requirement.

Top 10 Personal Trainers In The World

Top 10 personal trainers in the world.

If you can’t get your-self into shape, how will you get your client into shape? If you don’t train regularly how can you motivate and encourage them to do the same. I’ve heard this question a thousand times – “how many times do you train yourself?” I would only want to answer this question with the knowledge that i practice what i preach.

I am not sure how Police, fire and the other services fitness train. I don’t know what there basic training is in regards to fitness. But there must be some surely? The perception of your local bobby by the general public is important. I think they should look tough and stocky. Its the only way criminals faced with an officer like that are going to think twice about abusive behavior or violence.

So using my knowledge – how would i go about training a British Police officer.

Fitness Tests

Short sprint test 60-100 meter (for short burst pursuit on foot)

Bleep test (prolonged cardiovascular test for pursuit on foot)

Pressing test

Pulling test

Squat test

Jump squat (height)

Jump (length)

Grip strength (clinching and holding)

Of course all tests would be ongoing to make sure officers don’t just pass the first time and then forget about the training altogether. All tests can have a starting pass time or weight to be lifted. Which has to be at least met or improved upon at each retest session which could be set at every 6-8 weeks. The 60-100 meter sprint can be set at sub 20 seconds for a pass, the bleep test can be level 6 up wards.

Top 10 personal trainers in the world.

Pressing wise i think it should be at least 50% body weight plus if not 75% and the same for your squats. Officers male and female should be able to pull there own body weight up to a bar at least 5-10 times for male 2-5 for a female officer.

Jump tests can have certain distances set as targets that have to be reached. Of course your vertical and horizontal jump will increase when you have a good and regular squat regime.

Grip strength training and testing can be made up of timed / prolonged holds of weight for example a farmers walk or a squeeze test showing how much available force the officer can apply down on an object. Then of course the test would have to be improved upon.

This is not a dig at the British police force – just an article written in response to my observations of them and there fitness levels. Put it this way if you become an officer who is part of an armed response unit you are expected to practice with your weapon (targeting and firing)  so that in the heat of the moment you can rely on your training. Well shouldn’t this be the same for “walking the beat” officers? They should be able to rely and be confident in there body and strength levels performing when they need it.

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