Top Personal Trainers London

Fat loss killer combo’s by top personal trainers London.

Top Personal Trainers London

Kill that fat with these combinations. That personal trainers in London don’t want you to know.

*Start off the morning with L-carnatine and fish oils to start metabolizing fat. Get down the gym after waking up and complete 20 sets of HIIT interval sprints to give your metabolisam the best start to the day. Take some green tea with super greens.

*Now get a good quality protein shake down you. Breakfast look again for high protein and low carb. You can alternate these kind of meal plans with higher carbs and lower protein days, to keep your body guessing and keep it adjusting its composition. A great breakfast is red meat and nuts. Full of good fats and creatine.

*Lunch, take in some more L-carnatine and fish oils with a meal.

*Training time – large compound exercises, to use as many muscle groups as possible, which in turn uses the maximum amount of stored calories you have. Plus it stimulates the maximum amount of muscle fibers, which achieves fast muscle growth.

*Post training – a good quality protein shake and plenty of it and a fast acting carb. Now take in some vitamin C and a multi vitamin. Rest of the day try and fit in as many meals as possible. Bed time, try and get 8 hours sleep and get to bed before midnight. You may also take in some casein protein before bedtime, which is a slow acting / release protein.  To feed that muscle when its hungriest – overnight!

*Those are my fat burning killer combo’s  – these are tips that actual fitness industry trainers are using themselves, so follow these and you to can look like one of the top personal trainers in London.



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