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Over weight people on public transport by world’s top personal trainers.

World's Top Personal Trainers


World’s top personal trainers; Now i take public transport daily and have done so for my London commute to my job as a personal trainer for the last 11-12 years. I have noticed a dramatic rise in the amount of over weight people in life. It is now very noticeable almost to the point of causing zero interest to the general population at all. But while over weight people walking down the street or in the park etc is fine and causes little issue to my daily life (apart from the obvious strain on the NHS). What i have noticed now, is my lean and muscular frame is continually pushed to one side of the seat on public transport! With me paying exactly the same train fee as the overweight person next to me, i have to balance myself to travel. I have even seen people forced to stand rather than sit, because there is simply not enough room on the 1/4 of seat that’s left over.

Is this the fault of the train or bus company and there minimal style seating? I’m saying NO! its the overweight person sat next to me whose body mass is taking up 3/4’s of the available seating from a 2 seat situation. I am now finding myself increasinly sitting on my one arse cheek with one leg in the isle for balance. While a wheezing, perspiring person sits next to me bursting through there buttoned up clothing. This isn’t on. Why has my journey to work or the seating size of a train or bus have to be compromised by over weight people who show no signs of wanting to losing weight? And paying same travel fee’s.

This is not a dig at severely over weight or obese people, its a ask for them to lose weight and do something about there health and fitness situation and free up some seating.

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